Cops surround Cook statue at Aussie protest


Officers surrounded a statue of Captain Cook at a protest in Sydney that had a last-minute location change due to a strong police turnout.  

The protest in Hyde Park was originally to be held at Sydney's Town Hall but organisers changed the location at the last minute after around 600 police officers surrounded the building. 

Footage shows a heavily police presence in the CBD as hundreds of protesters gathered to rally against black deaths in custody.

The rally went ahead despite being deemed unlawful by police as the necessary application hasn't been filed.


It was originally planned to be held at Sydney's Town Hall but protesters dispersed, with some heading to Hyde Park due to the heavy police presence.

At Hyde Park, officers surrounded a statue of Captain Cook as crowds built up.

Protesters chanted "Black lives matter" and "Not enough justice, too many coppers" while marching through the park during the peaceful action.

Protesters appeared to obey police directions to leave or be arrested