Council secures first-ever surplus

SOUTH Burnett Regional Council is expected to present its first general operations surplus since amalgamation when it hands down the 2018-19 budget on Monday, June 25.

Mayor Keith Campbell said the budget would be austere and the surplus would be slight.

As in recent years, the budget will shift a greater proportion of money to road maintenance.

"Meeting the challenge of maintaining over 3000km of road network within our region will always be difficult for smaller regional and rural councils where there are simply not enough funds to provide all the services expected in our communities,” he said.

"This budget, however, attempts to address the funding issue for roadworks in a planned approach to bring this matter under control.

"Despite the welcome injection of funding from the state and federal governments over the last few years, South Burnett Regional Council continues to fund approximately 83 per cent of its revenue from its own sources, which technically means the ratepayer.

"With 74.1 per cent of the council's revenue coming from rates and charges, 8.9per cent from user fees and sundry income, 5.4 per cent from Queensland Department of Main Road and Transport contracts and private works, this leaves only 11.6 per cent now coming from grants.”