TALKING WASTE: Cr Gavin Jones voiced the need to discuss the state waste levy.
TALKING WASTE: Cr Gavin Jones voiced the need to discuss the state waste levy. Alistair Brightman

Council to voice concerns with state waste levy

SOUTH Burnett Regional Council will voice concerns about the state waste levy at the annual Local Government Association of Queensland conference in Cairns.

The state waste levy is one of four resolutions council will bring to the table, alongside regional development, constitutional recognition and local sourcing, as decided at the council meeting on July 17.

The state waste levy came into effect from July 1 to encourage increased recycling and resource recovery and to reduce the amount of waste to going landfill.

However, Councillor Gavin Jones said it was a messy and unfair system that needed to be discussed.

"It is another state government thing that has been brought in and we, the local council, are the fools that have to take all the hits,” he said during the council meeting.

The levy started at $75 per tonne and will increase by $5 per tonne each year for the first four years.

The levy is paid by landfill operators, to the Queensland Government who provide a rebate to landfill operators for all domestic waste so that the levy does not directly impact domestic customers.

But Cr Jones said more money needed to come back to rural areas.

"It is going to be an ongoing issue for quite a while and I don't think there is going to be a solution in the near future,” Cr Jones said.

Cr Roz Frohloff backed the need for more to be done to ensure the levy was well executed and the residents were satisfied with the process.

"The state waste levy is a head ache for council. A lot of people believe that we put it in but are trying to get it out there that it is a state waste levy,” she said.

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell and Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff will attend the conference where they will also mark 20 years and 15 years of service.