VOTE NOW: Sally Kelly, Rae Tuckey with Emily and Amy Wallis.
VOTE NOW: Sally Kelly, Rae Tuckey with Emily and Amy Wallis. Meg Gannon

ELECTION DAY: Maranoa voters go to the polls

THE polls are open and the scrutineers are manning their station as locals begin voting for the future of Maranoa.

Incumbent David Littleproud (LNP) will have his seat contested by Linda Little (ALP), Anthony Wallis (KAP), Rosemary Moulden (One Nation), Emmeline Chidley (Greens), Julie Saunders (United Australia), and Darren Christiansen (Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party).

Scrutineer and wife of Anthony Wallis, Amy Wallis, was handing our pamphlets at a Dalby polling station when she told the Herald her husband's wealth of experience in the region is what would make him the best leader for Maranoa.

"He has lived in this area all his life," Mrs Wallis said.

"We're farmers ourselves so we know the struggles you go through as farmers.

"And small town businesses struggle too so firsthand experience in that.

"He doesn't have to toe party lines so he's free to stand up for what he believes."

Avid LNP voter Shirley Allan said Mr Littleproud has done well in his term to support local businesses and create a "self-sufficient" culture.

"I've voted that way all my life, but apart from that, they're the side that allow you to look after yourself, encourage people to look after themselves, and grow your own little business," she said.

"I just like the people who are self-sufficient; those who find the quick and easy way to do things."

Voter Andrew Kuzmanovic hopes the nation's leader, whoever is elected, will be able to improve the country's policies on migration and the environment.

"Let's hope it changes that little bit, with migration and all of the rest, let's hope it changes just that tiny bit to make it better," he said.

The polls are open until 6pm tonight.