Country star reveals unusual pre-performance drink

ONE of Murgon Music Muster's headlining acts swears by the unusual beverage she enjoys before every show to make sure she is performance-ready.

Australian country music royalty, Tania Kernaghan is very proud of her career achievements, spanning over three decades, seven albums and 15 number one singles.

Her upcoming live performances at Murgon's Music Muster are sure to be a highlight of this year's event.

But Kernaghan credits her equally talented brother, Lee, for her unusual pre-performance ritual

"A few years ago, Lee introduced me to a whiskey liquor called Fireball when I was on tour with him," she said.

"You only have a little nip, and it warms up your vocal chords."

Kernaghan said the unusual pre-gig drink was just the thing to get her ready to rock.

"You give her a bit of choke and she starts for sure," she said.

She may be a well-known Australian country star, but Kernaghan said it hasn't all been a smooth ride.

"You definitely have plenty of highs and plenty of lows in this business," she said.

"There are times when you feel very burnt out.

"Just because you are a Kernaghan doesn't mean you are a walk up start."

Tania Kernaghan will join a host of other award-winning country music acts at the 2019 Murgon Country Music Muster.

Headline acts for the event include Tania Kernaghan, Amber Lawrence, Tracy Coster and Anne Kirkpatrick.

The Muster is a six day event, running from Tuesday October 29 to Sunday November 3.

Walk up artists will play from Tuesday to Friday and professional country artists will perform from Friday to Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday morning, South Burnett Times journalist and radio announcer, Matt Collins will share a live music and conversation session with Amber Lawrence and Tania Kernaghan from 7.30am both days.

For more information and to purchase tickets go to the Murgon Music Muster website.