70 YEARS: Fred and Ailsa Dahms will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary next week.
70 YEARS: Fred and Ailsa Dahms will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary next week. Contributed

Couple celebrates incredible marriage milestone

IN this age of quick fixes and throw-away lifestyles, it is increasingly rare to find a married couple who are still together long enough to see their children graduate from high school.

South Burnett residents, Fred and Ailsa Dahms, are an exception.

The couple, who now live at Orana in Kingaroy, will celebrate 70 years of wedded bliss on on September 17.

Mr and Mrs Dahms, both in their 90s, first met in Kunioon when Ailsa was a teacher and Fred was a farmer.

They were married in Maryborough and their oldest daughter, Wendy Barker said it was a low-key affair.

"They were tough times, it was the end of the war, mum had to borrow someone else's wedding dress,” she said.

"The wedding reception was a piece of cake and cup of tea, that was it.”

Fred became a naturopath and chiropractor in Kingaroy in 1960 and Ailsa continued to teach music at Taabinga and Kingaroy primary schools.

The happy couple and their three children Wendy, Don and Roslyn learnt to live frugally.

"My parents are all for saving, they would use most things twice or even three times,” Mrs Barker said.

"We had no money but there was always lots of love.”

Mrs Barker, herself having enjoyed almost 50 years of marriage with husband Les, said there was no real secret to a long, happy marriage.

"There has to be give and take, there are going to be down times,” she said.

"You are not always going to be happy.”

Platinum is the traditional gift given on the 70-year wedding anniversary but Mrs Barker said her parents were adamant they didn't want anything.

"They have both said they don't want any presents, it's nice they can spend the day together,” she said.

"Having all the family around is the greatest gift of all.”

Fred and Ailsa will enjoy the significant celebration at Kingaroy RSL with their three children, seven grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.