SWEET BOY: Austin was a birthday present to Sue Gardner for her 60th Birthday.
SWEET BOY: Austin was a birthday present to Sue Gardner for her 60th Birthday. Sue Gardner

Couple devastated after puppy mauled to death

SUE Gardner has been left devastated after her puppy and support animal was viciously mauled right outside her home.

Mrs Gardner awoke at 4am yesterday to let her 18-month-old mini chihuahua cross foxy, Austin, out for a quick toilet run.

She returned back inside the house before hearing terrified cries coming from the front yard.

Upon returning to the garden she found Austin in the jaws of a large dog, followed closely by another large companion.

"I didn't even think, I just jumped in my ute and followed the two dogs down the back paddock," Mrs Gardner said.

"The chase must have been enough to scare them off because they dropped poor Austin and fled."

Unfortunately, Austin died later that morning after Nanango vet Pauline Whitehouse made a house call out to the Gardner's property on Walsh Road, 15 kilometres north of Nanango.

"One of them is a big white malamute and the other looks just like a German shepherd," Mrs Gardner said.

"A neighbour spotted the German shepherd on the road whilst out walking one day and had to turn around and go back, and another neighbour has been losing chickens over the past few weeks."

Mrs Gardner has reported the incident to the South Burnett Regional Council.

She received Austin as a comfort dog last year for her 60th birthday after being diagnosed with dementia two years ago.

"He was a sweet little thing. My husband, Graeme and I will miss him dearly," she said.

According to the South Burnett Regional Council website, "If you would like to report a dog attack please contact council in the first instance to provide as many details as possible, such as: date, time and location of attack, description of how the attack occurred and a description and location of the attacking dog."

The council urges residents to report all dog attacks, no matter the day or time to 4189 9100.

The council has been contacted for further comment about this incident.