A fit Kirk Shearer and Hilary Clear in much happier times.
A fit Kirk Shearer and Hilary Clear in much happier times.

Couple struggling to make ends meet after major health blow

A young Noosa woman is at her wit's end trying to make ends meet while caring for her 38-year-old partner who has been released from hospital and is facing a long recovery period after a massive heart attack.

Hilary Clear is juggling looking after Kirk Shearer as he undertakes cardiac rehabilitation at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital while also trying to resurrect the couple's formally successful Mobile Dog Grooming service on her own.

Popular dog groomer, 38, struck down by heart attack

Kirk's spirits have taken a hit and Hilary said she was struggling to keep their household together on her own as they had no close family support network.

Kirk with Buttons the labradoodle.
Kirk with Buttons the labradoodle.

Before he was struck down by ill health, Kirk was an energetic dog groomer who loved to surf while keeping fit and healthy.

The couple were still concerned because Kirk continued to have chest pains that were the precursor to his massive heart attack.

Hilary said doctors had also detected another blockage that would have to be treated.

"We went for a walk the other day and what would normally take him 10 minutes took us more like 40 minutes, he's just so tired," she said.

"He's out of hospital and he's getting there, but I don't even know what day it is.

"It takes a while to react to something like that"

A GoFundMe support page has been set up for the couple and Buttons the labradoodle who is doing her best to cheer them up.

Head here to support the couple.