HIGH AND LOW: Drink drivers front the Gympie court
HIGH AND LOW: Drink drivers front the Gympie court Brenda Strong GLA081211SAFE

Man downs bottle of bourbon at Inskip, drives four times the limit

High reading

RAINBOW Beach businessman Matthew James O'Connell was "very embarrassed" when police breath tested him at .208 per cent, Gympie Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

The court was told O'Connell, 46, had been upset by a deal which had not eventuated and had consumed a bottle of bourbon at Inskip Point on April 20, before deciding he needed time alone.

He was intercepted by police in Green Valley Dve.

Magistrate Graham Hillan described the reading as "very substantial" but noted O'Connell had no previous similar offences except one in 2003.

He fined O'Connell $1000, disqualified him from driving for 10 months and ordered that no conviction be recorded.

Just over

AN IMBIL man might have been in the clear if he had waited another 15 minutes before driving the short distance home, Gympie Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

Barry John Digman, 56, pleaded guilty to driving in Yabba Rd, with a blood alcohol content of .054 per cent on June 20.

"He had a pint of Guinness and then had dinner, with two cans of heavy beer," Digman's solicitor told the court. He said Digman had experienced a stressful time with a criminal charge this year, of which he was acquitted.

Digman was fined $550 and disqualified for four months.