PIZZA CRIME: A Wondai man faced court after throwing a pizza.
PIZZA CRIME: A Wondai man faced court after throwing a pizza. Darryn Smith

Court forces man to cough up dough after pizza crime

THROWING a pizza at a wall may not be the most serious case of domestic violence that comes before the court. 

However, Murgon Magistrate Louisa Pink recognised it was substantial given the father of three children, aged 11, 9 and four, and another on the way, was appearing before the court on his second domestic violence breach this year. 

The defendant threw the pizza at a Wondai address at 12.45am on March 16 following a verbal altercation while in the process of moving house. 

His defence lawyer said moving house from Bundaberg to Wondai and dealing with the stress of a miscarriage had led the Swickers employee to cope with the circumstances in a regretful manner.

She said he was working on becoming a better role model for his children.

The defendant was previously convicted of domestic violence in 2012, and served nine months' probation for the offence. 

Ms Pink credited the man for taking action by attending relationship counselling, and also for his involvement in various community organisations. 

The man was convicted and fined $400 for contravening a domestic violence order as an aggravated offence.