A MAN who lives in Kingaroy offered one of his stalking victims $5000 for nude photos, when she said no he threatened to “ruin her reputation”.
A MAN who lives in Kingaroy offered one of his stalking victims $5000 for nude photos, when she said no he threatened to “ruin her reputation”.

COURT: Man bribes, threatens women on Snapchat for ‘nudes’

A MAN living in Kingaroy has been sentenced for serious stalking charges after he offered thousands of dollars for nudes as well as sending threatening messages to two women.

Alastair Wayne Anning, 24, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court on April 20 to one count of stalking with violence, one count of threats to distribute intimate images, one count of failure to comply with reporting obligations and one count of breach of recognisance.

The charges stemmed from interactions with two women he had previously spoken to on a social media site in 2015.

The court heard in April 2019, Anning sent a message to one of the victims offering $5000 for nude photos.

When the complainant told him to “stay away”, he sent a number of messages threatening the woman that she would lose her job and he would “destroy her reputation”.

In May, he messaged the second complainant asking if she remember him from five years ago.

Judge Suzanne Sheridan explained when this message was ignored, Anning continued to message the woman.

“You continued to message her saying you still have pictures from years ago, saying you wanted to do a chat; you were ignored,” Judge Sheridan said.

“Then you sent a message saying if the complainant did not answer, you were going to post the pictures on Instagram.”

Both women separately attended police stations in May 2019 to make formal complaints.

The summary charges related to his failure to engage with orders relating to a sentence handed down in December 2017 in relation to possession of child exploitation material.

The first charge of failure to report was due to Anning failing to provide his social network site details, namely the existence of a Facebook account.

The second charge of failure to comply with conditions related to his release following the child exploitation material charges, where he was entered to a recognisance of $500 to be of good behaviour for 2 years.

In June, 2019, Anning was dealt with by the Gympie Magistrates Court for further offences of contacting a child on two occasions via Snapchat and adding females to his Snapchat account.

Police initial attended Anning’s address June 27, and then returned on July 11 with a search warrant.

During the search, his phone was seized, and he was arrested for failing to comply with his child protection reporting conditions.

He was remanded in custody and has remained in custody since then.

The stalking and threats charges also placed Anning in breach of a probation order handed down in December 2017.

While determining his sentences, Judge Sheridan noted his criminal history which and age.

“Whilst you are still relatively young, you are not 17 and you are certainly not a first-time offender,” Judge Sheridan.

“You have a criminal history and, sadly that history … very worryingly relates to similar type offending to the offending for which you are before the Court today.

“Though, on those previous occasions you did not just threaten but actually posted photographs.

“Your offending also, disturbingly, extended to the possession, creation and/or publication of child exploitation material.”

On the charge of stalking Anning was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison, a further six-months for the threats to distribute intimate images.

For the breach of probation, a conviction was recorded and Anning was admonished and discharged.

He was sentenced to one-month imprisonment for the failure to report and no action was taken in regard to breach of the good behaviour bond.

Having spent 285 days in custody ahead of the sentence, Judge Sheridan declared this time already served.

He was released on parole immediately.

All convictions were recorded.