COVID scare after kickboxer coughs on court security guard


Roy Danny Ian Chan, 28 pleaded guilty to a number of charges including serious assault, public nuisance and drug offences, in Redcliffe Magistrates Court December17.

The court heard that on August 12, 2020, Chan attended Redcliffe Magistrates Court.

When security officers asked him a number of COVID-19 related questions, that everyone entering the court is required to answer, Chan coughed directly in the face of the security guard, making no attempts to cover his mouth.



Roy Danny Ian Chan. Photo: FACEBOOK
Roy Danny Ian Chan. Photo: FACEBOOK


The court heard security staff had no way of knowing if the man had COVID-19.

The security guard told Chan to leave and that he would not be permitted to attend court that day.

Chan returned about an hour later, refusing to leave. The court heard Chan became aggressive and told the security guard: "I'm going to kick your head in, I'm a kickboxing champion".

Police were called and Chan was arrested.

Chan was also charged with breaching bail, driving without a licence and possessing dangerous drugs.

Magistrate Turner said the offences were serious.

"You told them you were a kickboxing champion, true sporting champions do not kick people in public, true sporting champions ensure they keep their skills for the appropriate sporting tournament," she said.

He was placed on probation for 12 months and his licence disqualified for six months.

No conviction was recorded.

Originally published as COVID scare after kickboxer coughs on court security guard