Al-Faisaly are stopped from scoring by their own player against Ohod
Al-Faisaly are stopped from scoring by their own player against Ohod

‘Craziest ever’: Sabotage stops certain goal

PICTURE the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on a sporting field - then sit back and prepare to feel a little bit better about your athletic prowess.

Whatever blunder it is that still keeps you up at night - nothing is as bad as this moment of sheer madness in the Saudi Aradia professional football league.

Highlights of one of the ugliest, least-professional, penalty box scrambles you're likely to ever see have been swirling the internet over the past couple days - because of this bizarre moment a player from Al-Faisaly denied his own teammate a goal during their 2-0 regular season win over Ohod at King Salman Sport City Stadium.

As The Sun reports, it was one of the most surreal moments in football.

It was early in the first half with the scores still 0-0 when Al-Faisaly earned a corner.

It was madness.

Croatian defender Ante Puljic threw himself at the loose ball after the whipped-in corner bobbled up towards the back post.

Unfortunately he went down like a pack of cards after he collided with Ohod defenders.

Goalkeeper Zouheir Laaroubi vacated his goal as he chased after the Al-Faisaly attacker who turned and sent the ball back into the box.

Laaroubi pounced but the ball squirmed under him and Fahad Al Ansari looked to poke it home.

His shot squeezed past three Ohod defenders and was rolling into the empty net. Remember Pujic, the injured defender?

He was still lying on the line and the ball rebounded off his backside and trickled to safety.

The poor dude is never going to be remembered for anything more than this majestic buttocks save.

It was even more bizarre than the strange brown and yellow patterned kit that Ohod were wearing.

The Sun reports it was the craziest goal mouth scramble ever. Other reports from the UK labelled it the "worst 30 seconds of football ever played".

You can't deny it is bloody brilliant, though.