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CRIME: Kidnapping up 135 per cent in Wide Bay-Burnett area

WHEN compared with the Darling Downs, Moreton Bay (north), Moreton Bay (south), and the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay-Burnett topped the charts in incidents of murder, kidnapping and abduction, weapons act offences, drug offences, and breached domestic violence orders, according to the 2018-19 editions of the Queensland Crime Report.

In these listed area, the region also reported the highest number of good order offences (public nuisance, disobeying police orders etc.), life-endangering offences (ill treatment of children, driving causing grievous bodily harm, strangulation in a domestic setting etc.), and property damage (graffiti, unlawful damage to property, and wilfully killing, maiming, or wounding an animal).

When compared to these surrounding regions, we've seen the second highest increase in overall crime - a 7.3% increase - between 2018 and 2019. Moreton Bay south saw the highest increase at 9.8%.

Between 2018 and 2019, the rate of kidnapping and abduction saw the steepest increase, skyrocketing by a whooping 134.4%. Murder came in second with a 65.3% rise.

Incidents of arson have taken off, with a 54% increase, and reports of handling stolen goods have risen by 61.3%.

While reports of assault are down by 7.6%, reports of assault resulting in grievous bodily harm have risen by 17.5%.

Similarly, while incidents of robbery have only increased by 12.1%, reports of armed robbery have increased by 37.5%.

Breaches of domestic violence orders actually dropped by 9.9% between 2018-19, however reports have grown by 102.8% since 2010.

In response to the ever-rising crime rates in the South Burnett region, opposition leader Deb Frecklington said action must be taken to both strengthen the legal system, as well as tackle the root cause of crime in our community.

"Everyone in the South Burnett deserves to live safely and free from the threat of crime and domestic violence," she said.

"The LNP has a real plan for action to reduce crime rates and tackle domestic violence. The LNP will grow police numbers by hundreds across the state, but importantly we will provide the laws our hard-working police need."

"The LNP will introduce tougher laws for domestic violence perpetrators, tougher laws for gun crime, tougher laws for youth crime and tougher laws to crackdown on organised crime gangs that peddle drugs to our kids."

"I have also announced a plan to introduce a child sex offender register in Queensland so parents would be able to discover the identity of child sex offenders living in their neighbourhood."

Mrs Frecklington said building a stronger economy and creating jobs will also serve to reduce the crime rate in the South Burnett.

According to data released by the QPS, in Kingaroy alone, the number of reported offences rose from 1850 to 2370 between 2018 and 2019.

We've seen reported drug use rise from 438 to 827, and breaches of domestic violence order rise from 80 to 126 cases.

Ten months into 2020, Kingaroy has already seen the highest rates of arson since 2002.


All statistics listed below were reported between 2018-2019

Total reported offences

Wide Bay: 29 915

Toowoomba: 19 261

Darling Downs: 14 140

Moreton Bay - north: 30 412

Moreton Bay - south: 14 459

Sunshine Coast: 27 245


Wide Bay: 5

Toowoomba: 0

Darling Downs: 0

Moreton Bay - north: 2

Moreton Bay - south: 3

Sunshine Coast: 1

Attempted murder, conspiracy to murder and manslaughter

Wide Bay: 2

Toowoomba: 4

Darling Downs: 3

Moreton Bay - north: 8

Moreton Bay - south: 2

Sunshine Coast: 7


Wide Bay: 1349

Toowoomba: 671

Darling Downs: 546

Moreton Bay - north: 1103

Moreton Bay - south: 464

Sunshine Coast: 903

Rape and attempted rape

Wide Bay: 132

Toowoomba: 78

Darling Downs: 81

Moreton Bay - north: 273

Moreton Bay - south: 55

Sunshine Coast: 106

Sexual offences not including rape (indecent treatment of children, incest, indecent assault, bestiality, wilful obscene exposure, and other sexual offences)

Wide Bay: 345

Toowoomba: 125

Darling Downs: 142

Moreton Bay - north: 425

Moreton Bay - south: 102

Sunshine Coast: 186


Wide Bay: 95

Toowoomba: 52

Darling Downs: 20

Moreton Bay - north: 133

Moreton Bay - south: 81

Sunshine Coast: 98

Kidnapping and abduction

Wide Bay: 26

Toowoomba: 6

Darling Downs: 14

Moreton Bay - north: 19

Moreton Bay - south: 11

Sunshine Coast: 13


Wide Bay: 31

Toowoomba: 26

Darling Downs: 26

Moreton Bay - north: 42

Moreton Bay - south: 30

Sunshine Coast: 26


Wide Bay: 5

Toowoomba: 2

Darling Downs: 1

Moreton Bay - north: 8

Moreton Bay - south: 3

Sunshine Coast: 3

Other life-endangering offences (ill treatment of children, bomb threats, strangulation in a domestic setting, driving causing grievous bodily harm, endangering lives on transport, and other life endangering acts)

Wide Bay: 301

Toowoomba: 72

Darling Downs: 94

Moreton Bay - north: 270

Moreton Bay - south: 70

Sunshine Coast: 201

Unlawful entry

Wide Bay: 2086

Toowoomba: 3247

Darling Downs: 784

Moreton Bay - north: 2015

Moreton Bay - south: 1186

Sunshine Coast: 1572


Wide Bay: 87

Toowoomba: 30

Darling Downs: 69

Moreton Bay - north: 110

Moreton Bay - south: 34

Sunshine Coast: 68

Other property damage (graffiti, unlawful damage to property, wilfully kill, maim, or wound an animal)

Wide Bay: 2440

Toowoomba: 1112

Darling Downs: 854

Moreton Bay - north: 2057

Moreton Bay - south: 987

Sunshine Coast: 1835

Unlawful use of motor vehicle

Wide Bay: 640

Toowoomba: 507

Darling Downs: 252

Moreton Bay - north: 873

Moreton Bay - south: 470

Sunshine Coast: 715

Other theft

Wide Bay: 6112

Toowoomba: 6105

Darling Downs: 1917

Moreton Bay - north: 7866

Moreton Bay - south: 4579

Sunshine Coast: 6686


Wide Bay: 1348

Toowoomba: 1103

Darling Downs: 589

Moreton Bay - north: 1965

Moreton Bay - south: 826

Sunshine Coast: 1344

Handling stolen goods

Wide Bay: 301

Toowoomba: 256

Darling Downs: 100

Moreton Bay - north: 366

Moreton Bay - south: 159

Sunshine Coast: 269

Drug offences

Wide Bay: 5,369

Toowoomba: 3,750

Darling Downs: 3,498

Moreton Bay - north: 5,091

Moreton Bay - south: 2,221

Sunshine Coast: 4,596

Breach domestic violence order

Wide Bay: 2,097

Toowoomba: 729

Darling Downs: 641

Moreton Bay - north: 1,912

Moreton Bay - south: 704

Sunshine Coast: 1,262

Weapons act offences

Wide Bay: 646

Toowoomba: 315

Darling Downs: 306

Moreton Bay - north: 561

Moreton Bay - south: 224

Sunshine Coast: 419

Good order offences (Disobey move-on direction, resist, incite, hinder, obstruct, fare evasion, and public nuisance)

Wide Bay: 2,982

Toowoomba: 2,380

Darling Downs: 1,570

Moreton Bay - north: 2,369

Moreton Bay - south: 1,064

Sunshine Coast: 2,912

Traffic offences

Wide Bay: 2,684

Toowoomba: 1,886

Darling Downs: 2,209

Moreton Bay - north: 2,384

Moreton Bay - south: 954

Sunshine Coast: 3,205