CROC SPOTTED: Two unconfirmed croc sightings in as many weeks have been reported at Big Tuan Creek.
CROC SPOTTED: Two unconfirmed croc sightings in as many weeks have been reported at Big Tuan Creek. KongSan

CROC HOTSPOT: Are the reptiles breeding on Fraser Coast?

A FRASER Coast fisherman fears crocs are "moving in" after two sightings of the reptiles were reported to the Department of Environment and Science in as many weeks.

The unconfirmed reports were made on April 16 and 29, both at Big Tuan Creek.

Granville's Howard Davies said he believed the crocodile population in the region was growing - and it was not just a case of crocodiles migrating further south.

He thinks the animals are breeding in the region.

Mr Davies suspects there are at least two crocodiles that move between the creek and other parts of the Sandy Strait.

He calls them Mum and Dad. He's confident they have found a place to breed.

"They are increasing in numbers," he said.

"There's always been a couple in the Sandy Strait."

Mr Davies said anglers who were familiar with the area knew where the crocodiles could be found but he has concerns about people who visit the area. Last year after a spate of crocodile sightings under the public wharf in Boonooroo, Mr Davies warned someone could get seriously hurt or killed.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Environment and Science said a search had been carried out at Big Tuan Creek.

"Departmental wildlife officers searched the area with spotlights but could not locate a crocodile," she said.

"DES has not received any further reports of sightings in the area.

"All reported crocodile sightings are investigated by the department.

"Crocodiles that pose a threat to human safety are targeted for removal under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan."

The Fraser Coast is within Zone F of the Queensland Crocodile Management. It is considered an atypical habitat zone as it is an area outside the normal extent for crocodiles.

"Zone F includes all waterways south of the Boyne River," she said.

"Any crocodile found in Zone F is automatically targeted for removal, regardless of size or behaviour."

Members of the public can report crocodile sightings by calling 1300 130 372.