John Carey with South Burnett Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff.
John Carey with South Burnett Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff. Michael Nolan

Crowdfunding comes to the South Burnett

THE region's first live crowdfunding event is coming to the South Burnett on Tuesday, December 4.

Held by the Red Earth Community Foundation, the event called the 'Red Pitch' was planned to support locals with bright ideas.

John Carey, director of the Community Foundation has had a large involvement in developing the Red Pitch concept.

"What we're trying to do is to create a connection between givers and receivers in the community environment. We're typically wanting to help people who have great ideas but don't have the resources to put them into action,” he said.

"It's our first attempt to bring it to the South Burnett to give it to the public. It's not a lot of money, but it's really about getting behind the project to do some good.”

Mr Carey said the night would be structured for the best result.

"This is our first attempt and I want to emphasise that it's a pilot event. We have two or three people confirmed to pitch and then we'll have all of the viewers in one room,” he said.

"The groups that are pitching, you generally get 6 minutes to pitch their project, aiming to tug on the heart of the people in the room. The people who pitch then lead the room and the audience will support and talk about whether they want to commit to the cause or not.”

The event starts at 5.30pm at the Kingaroy Senior Citizen's Centre.

"People can just come and watch to understand it. It's really an event for everyone interested, but it's great to come by to simply give these participants some support. People can donate their time, talent or treasure with us in the future,” Mr Carey said.