KUMBIA BORN AND BRED: Tom Curtain performing songs and stories from his
KUMBIA BORN AND BRED: Tom Curtain performing songs and stories from his "We're Still Here" concert in Kumbia.

Curtain shows Kumbia is “still here” in his heart

Home is where the heart is but for Kumbia born and bred horseman and acclaimed country musician, Tom Curtain it’s not that simple.

Despite growing up and going to school in Kumbia, Curtain has always longed for the wilder setting of the Territory and quickly made plans to head up north as soon as he completed his studies.

“There’s just something about the place that was calling to me as a young bloke,” Curtain said.

“I was looking for adventure and I guess Katherine is one of the most adventurous places you could go. I’d read about the horsemen up in the Northern Territory since I was a boy and I knew it was where I wanted to go when I grew up.”

A lot has changed for Curtain since his initial journey took him away from the familiar surroundings of the South Burnett, but Curtain still says part of his heart will always call Kumbia home.

“This is where I learnt to ride horses with my brothers and break horses with Hurley Toomey when I was about 12.

“It means a heck of a lot to me to see so many familiar faces come and see the show, it’s really great to have the community’s support.”

Curtain said music has always been a way for him to capture memorable moments from his adventures around the country.

“My music is a way for me to record and document all of the amazing places and people I meet on my travels.

“I wrote ‘Hitchhiker’ on my latest album ‘We’re Still Here’ about how I came to meet my wife Annabel after her father picked me up on the side of the road just outside of Perth.”

Tom and Annabel now have a beautiful 8-week-old baby together named Harry Hugo who has joined them on the tour which started in Goondiwindi and is yet to head to Warwick, Grafton, the Tamworth Country Music Festival and much of fire-ravaged Victoria as well as three concerts in South Australia.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Annabel. She does everything for me from the social media to the ticket sales. She’s just amazing … I’m grateful everyday she decided to join me in Katherine and we’ve been on this crazy adventure together ever since.