MAKE NO MIS-STEAK: Jim Ryan from Wondai's Ryan's Butchery serves the finest quality meats in town.
MAKE NO MIS-STEAK: Jim Ryan from Wondai's Ryan's Butchery serves the finest quality meats in town. Matt Collins

Customers first: Quality food for the people

RYAN'S Butchery is a great place to stock up on great deals in the South Burnett.

Jim Ryan, the owner of Ryan's butchery, said they have certain products here that are always at a discount price level.

"We have about six or so different products which are always super cheap and never go up,” he said.

"We have a really good reputation for our ham and bacon, where we provide the best quality despite the low price.”

This good reputation was enough to motivate citizens to vote for Ryan's Butchery as the best butchery in the South Burnett, during the South Burnett Times People's Choice Awards.

"It was voted by the people, so I guess the result reflected what we're doing here, and what we offer. We now have started to introduce a lot of oven ready products and meals for our busy community,” Mr Ryan said.

"It's the type of product that you can take home and are very convenient, quick easy dinners.”

When it comes to the rest of the produce at Ryan's Butchery, they specialise in quality ham, bacon, Mettwurst and kabanas.

"We try and have a big variety for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

This large variety includes quality grass-fed produce, which Mr Ryan said is very popular at their butchery.

"We exclusively have the Tasmanian grass-fed lamb range. It's becoming a bit of a trend lately which more people are after, and we also have grass-fed beef as well. You can come in here and buy Tasmanian rumps and other grass-fed products,” he said.

As well as quality grass-fed meats, Ryan's Butchery also has the meat to get local cooks and barbecue fanatics ready for BaconFest.

"We always use the local female pork that is hormone-free, which is great for this pig producing area. We always have recipe cards here on how to do the perfect pork crackle too,” he said.

"BaconFest will be really exciting and we're thinking we might try to sponsor a team competing there.

"All that low and slow smoking and barbecuing has taken off now, and we really want to get involved with that.”