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Cyndi Lauper opens up about mother's dementia

CYNDI Lauper tells all of her secrets to her mother who has dementia.

The 63-year-old singer / songwriter admitted that seeing her mother Catrine live with the disease - which affects memory, thinking, language and the ability to perform everyday tasks - isn't always easy but she tries to look on the bright side.

She explained: "My mother has a little dementia. She lives in the present. The good thing is, I can talk to her and tell her stuff that I really shouldn't tell anybody, and she'll give me these wonderful words of wisdom that a mother does. But then, 10 minutes later she'll forget."

Meanwhile, Cyndi also claimed that people have taken advantage of her throughout her career.

Speaking to AARP The Magazine for their August/September issue, she said: "I was never smart about money like Prince. I wish I wasn't taken advantage of so much."

However, Cyndi is happy with her life and career right now and no longer cares what people think of her.

She said: "You can't live your whole life worrying about staying famous. If losing some fame means doing what you want, you gotta go with what you want.

"I think I have reached an age when I can have pink hair if I want - or blue hair. But blue, it turns a little green, so right now I am going with the pink."