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Dairy farmers want to see new legislation passed

QUEENSLAND Dairyfarmers' Organisation president Brian Tessmann said he was disappointed in a Queensland Parliament committee's decision not to support a fair price milk logo.

"Dairy farmers around the state will be bitterly disappointed in the committee," Mr Tessmann said.

"I hope the government and the opposition will see fit to pass the bill anyway, as dairy farms need it."

The Katter's Australian Party introduced a bill to the parliament to establish a voluntary logo identifying the origin of milk.

The bill was referred to a parliamentary committee which found the legislation, which would also confirm the farmer was paid a fair price set by government, would likely be unconstitutional as it would impose state trade barriers.

"To some extent the committee is hiding behind what they want to be, they're hiding behind some legal and competitive reasons that don't exist," Mr Tessmann said.

"The ACCC in talking to the committee didn't have any negative things to say about this bill.

"Members of the committee would like there to be as they don't want it to pass.

"The competition issues raised by the committee are completely imaginary."

Mr Tessmann said despite the setback the QDO would continue to lobby the State Government and State Opposition over the bill and getting a fair price for Queensland-produced milk.

"We would like both sides of politics to support the bill," he said.

"We still think it's an incredibly important bill for Queensland dairy farmers.

"They need to give us support as we don't have support to do this on our own."

He said QDO would work with the government in any way they could to get good outcomes for dairy farmers.

"We're always striving to do that," he said.

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne remained tight lipped about what the government would do surrounding the fair price logo.

"The Government will carefully consider the report and its recommendations and provide a response to those recommendations in due course," Mr Byrne said.

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