There is a
There is a "serious threat" of the Myall Creek overflowing and flooding Dalby again.

Mayor warns Dalby on alert for ‘high threat’ of more floods

DALBY'S fate relating to floods hangs in the balance of this afternoon's weather, with even 20mm of water having the potential to cause more flooding for the town.

Western Downs Regional Council mayor Paul McVeigh told News there was a serious risk of more flooding, depending upon the weather of the next two days.

"We've been extremely lucky that the impact of the rain that we had last night hasn't been achieved here and the creek has reached maximum height now," he said.

"THe risk now is the storm events that are above us now and the impact that those might have on us.

"The threat is very high and any form of rain, event 20mm to 80mm, can have a major impact on a local community."

The Condamine river catchment is completely saturated, according to the mayor, and the "drought-breaking" rain could have a disastrous impact on our roads and potentially reach houses in low-lying areas.

On Sunday the Myall Creek reached a height of 3.15m, only 0.7 metres from the height of the creek when floods devastated Dalby in 2011.

"The Myall Creek does spread out so we do have significant threat if we have a large rainfall event in this catchment," he said.

"On Sunday morning, if the creek had risen any higher, it would have severe impacts."

Meetings between Coucil's disaster management team have continued, and Cr McVeigh is confident the community will be prepared in the event of a serious emergency.

"We have in place all our local emergency services and two swift water rescue crews here, so we're ready for any serious impacts.