Dash cam has captured the moment a caravan was completely destroyed in a Bruce Hwy crash on the Sunshine Coast.

The video was posted to Dash Cam Owners Australia's Facebook page at the weekend.

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It shows a caravan towed by a Jeep Cherokee travelling in the outside lane about 11km south of the Caloundra Rd intersection.

The vehicle attempts to move into the inside lane but suddenly veers back to the left, causing the caravan to start fishtailing wildly.

The Jeep then crosses back into the inside lane before the caravan enters the median strip sideways, flipping numerous times.

The caravan is completely obliterated, with its contents strewn across the strip. The Jeep towing it manages to stay upright.

"It appears that he realises he was cutting off the car in the right-hand lane and tried to get back into left-hand lane and over corrected, in the process he lost control of both car and van," the video's author Peter explains in the post.