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Brisbane Supreme and District courts. Rae Wilson

"She wanted to kill me then she was going to kill herself.”

A SOUTH Burnett man has told a jury of the moments he realised his wife of more than three decades was attacking his head with a hammer in a bid to end his life.

The man said he was conscious throughout the terrifying ordeal but looking back wished he had not been.

Kay Te Atarangi Lyons, 54, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder in the Brisbane Supreme Court this week over the attack on her husband at their home near Kingaroy on June 4 last year.

At the start of the trial the court heard Mrs Lyons was prepared to plead guilty to committing a malicious act with intent, but the crown rejected the proposal.

David Lyons, 67, told the court on Tuesday he had planned to take over the couple's finances after learning his wife had racked up $10,000 in gambling debts using a credit card linked to their cleaning business.

He said the previous day he had also learnt his wife had lied about losing their daughter to further delay debts they owed through their cleaning business.

"I fired up the computer in the study to start a full audit of our finances," he said.

"I looked out the window and noticed Kay in the backyard getting what looked like a hammer out of the shed.

"After the computer had fired up I noticed that there was still an outstanding amount of $10,000 on our Visa card."

Mr Lyons said by this stage his wife was standing in the doorway of the study.

"I confronted her and called her a liar and said no one could believe a word that came out of her mouth," he said.

"I turned back around to continue working on the computer when I felt this almighty blow to the side of my head.

"It knocked me clean off my chair and I felt more blows to my head while lying on the ground."

Mr Lyons said he believed he was struck about four or five times.

"I managed to get up off the floor and made my way to the laundry," he said.

"I knew I was bleeding badly so I wanted to get a towel to try and stop it.

"I made my way back to the lounge room from the laundry before I started to feel really dizzy and lay down on the couch."

Mr Lyons said he noticed his wife on the opposite couch just staring at him.

"I asked her why she was doing this," he said.

"I said to her I thought we were the greatest love story.

"She just looked at me blankly and said she wanted to kill me then she was going to kill herself."

The trial before Chief Justice Tim Carmody continues.

- APN Newsdesk.