The song didn't go down well with people who know the relevant laws.
The song didn't go down well with people who know the relevant laws. Emma Murray

George Christensen stung by Sony lawyers over song use

A "LIGHTHEARTED" political parody of a hit Australian song by Dawson MP George Christensen has been taken down due to a copyright claim by music giant Sony.

Mr Christensen last week posted a video of him trumpeting his achievements to the tune of Lucky Starr's "I've been Everywhere".

The parody, of which the full version goes for ten minutes, switched lyrics like "I've been everywhere man I've been everywhere man, cross the deserts bare man I've breathed the mountain air man" to "I got us our share man I got us our share man, delivered everywhere man made north Queensland fair man."

The video has since been taken down after Sony/ ATV sent Mr Christensen a cease and desist letter.

Mr Christensen said the video was meant to be a lighthearted parody poking back at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's suggestion he had not done anything for his electorate.

"We listed so many things I've delivered that the full version went for over 10 minutes," he said.

"And because it was lighthearted and not the typical mudslinging you see in political ads (and also because of the poor singing) it gave a fair few people a good laugh.

"There was no intention to breach copyright because it was intended as a political parody of the song but, as the copyright owners of the song have asked for it to be taken down, I've taken it down."

The beleaguered MP has been under fire recently after revelations he spent 294 days in the last four-years overseas in the Philippines instead of in his electorate.

Mr Christensen is no stranger to using musical theatre as a political tool.

In June last year the MP donned a leotard to petition the Federal Government to fund Stage 2 of the Mackay Ring Road, singing his message to the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

That video has also been taken down.