Group of people toasting with Santa hats. Photo: CourtneyK
Group of people toasting with Santa hats. Photo: CourtneyK

Dealing with the heat this Christmas

UNLIKE colder areas during the Christmas season, instead of snow and brisk temperatures, Australians rely on carols, lights and family plans to get into the Christmas spirit.

But when the Summer heat gets a bit too intense, it’s easy to disassociate from the festivities.

Fortunately, there are many ways for you and your friends or family to battle the heat this Christmas.

Firstly, it’s important to know that water is your friend.

According to Better Health, you should be carrying a bottle of water with you even if you aren’t feeling thirsty.

As well as drinking water, you can be using water games and activities to boost your family time both in the lead up to Christmas and on Christmas Day.

This can include taking a dip in the pool, playing games with water guns and more.

Water-based games are a popular way to keep your Christmas guests cooler, but make sure to put on sunscreen if you’ll be outside and wear appropriate clothing.

Another way to help stay cool is by keeping to cooler foods.

From refreshing drinks, refrigerated fruits and salads to feel-good cold foods and deserts, there are a lot of food you can use to both fill you up and cool down your body from the inside out.

Making sure your holiday menu steers clear from typical winter warmer foods and instead has a good range of cold-friendly meals will make all the difference when tolerating the Summer heat.

Plus, during fire bans you may not be allowed to operate your barbecue in the first place.

Always plan ahead and check the current restrictions to avoid any fire hazards.