CUSTOMER SERVICE: Mark Smith celebrates four decades of selling menswear in Murgon.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Mark Smith celebrates four decades of selling menswear in Murgon. Jessica McGrath

Decades of fine fittings for Murgon customers

BUSINESS owner Mark Smith celebrated four decades of working in menswear in Murgon this week.

"After a period of time it's in your blood, I was comfortable enough at what I was doing that I didn't look at an alternative career,” Mr Smith said.

Mark Smith's Menswear on Lamb Street was opened by Mr Smith and his wife Janelle in 1993, buying the business off his previous employer Brian Thompson.

"The knowledge Brian passed on to me not only in the trade, but in general life has been invaluable,” he said.

Mr Smith started working for Thompson's Mercery on Lamb Street 40 years ago after working in menswear at the Brisbane Myer store for a year.

The most important thing in retail is to listen to what a customer wants and not what you want to sell them, he said.

"You don't get to 40 years without doing something right, I'm very proud of our customer service, although there are times when things beyond our control impact on deliveries and deadlines,” Mr Smith said.

He fitted the school uniforms for the children of students he had previously dressed and seen many fashion changes over the decades.

As a business owner he has met some of the most magnificent people along the way and helped out hundreds of sporting and community events through donations, fundraising and raffle prizes.

Helping different organisations makes a town stronger and a community better, Mr Smith said.

"I think when you are in business we have an obligation to look after our own,” he said.

Over the years he was involved in the Murgon rugby league teams, the golf club, the Murgon State School P&C committee and Murgon Business and Development Association.

"I didn't take the community for granted and hopefully I've given back to our community,” he said.


1978: Mark Smith joined the staff of Thompson's Mercery in Lamb Street, Murgon

1993: Mark and Janelle Smith purchased the business and changed the name to Mark Smith's Menswear

2018: 40 years of selling menswear in Murgon