Delayed results impact South Burnett councillor training

ELECTED South Burnett councillors were scheduled for their first training session today, but many candidates still do not know if they have won.

Deputy mayor and mayoral candidate Keith Campbell said the training would be cancelled if all councillor positions were not finalised by Thursday night.

"I'm having a meeting with the CEO and will be discussing the matter with him," he said.

"We are anxious to have the poll declared so we can't actually start it (training)."

The South Burnett still did does not have a finalised result at nearly two weeks after the March 19 election.

The wait has stretched on for candidates like deputy mayor Keith Campbell, who looked most likely to take the top job.

Cr Campbell said he had regularly communicated with the returning officer but had not received a clear answer on when the South Burnett could expect a result.

"He's not giving me a timeline of when we can expect results," he said.

"The mayor will be declared first and then the councillors.

"I think collectively he and everyone else is hoping it will be sooner rather then later, it's heading for two weeks now."

Cr Campbell travelled to the electorate office yesterday afternoon and said with the primary vote lead he still felt confident.