South Burnett Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff shares her plan for 2019
South Burnett Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff shares her plan for 2019 Contributed

Deputy mayor's biggest 2019 priorities

DEPUTY mayor for the South Burnett, Kathy Duff is already taking a big bite out of 2019 and working through the list in her little pink notepad.

"In my division, there are a number of big projects I am keen to roll out,” she said.

The Murgon footpath project is long overdue and Cr Duff is happy to advised work will commence in the very near future.

"The big priority is the path along Mitre 10,” she said.

"That area will be completed by the end of this financial year.”

Cr Duff said the long awaited location for the new shed was almost confirmed.

"We have been looking for a long time and there is a 48 hour stop-over spot that would fit the men's shed beautifully and we don't think it will affect the caravans who are stopping in there,” she said.

"At the February council meeting I am hoping to get the green light so we can lease the area to them.

"We are hoping in the next six months we can erect that shed.”

Students and parents at the small school of Wheatlands will feel a lot safer on their commute to school with the widening of the road to the school to commence this year.

"The 700 metres from Flats Rd through to just south of Mondure-Wheatlands Rd will be widened,” Cr Duff said.

"It's a main road which is what had been challenging for us, but we were able to get it done under state government funding.”

Mondure Hall can look forward to a facelift if council can organise the suitable finances.

"It needs re-roofing and re-stumping,” Cr Duff said.

"We have talked about it at council and identified it is a key community hub.

"We are looking to get some funding to do that.”

South Burnett's roads were a contentious topic throughout 2018, but Cr Duff is confident that council will stick to the claim that every South Burnett road will be graded in 12 months.

"We have said we will deliver on rural roads and I am hanging out that we can do that,” she said.

"We have had a lot of good feedback in my division about the roads that have been done.”

Looking into the crystal ball to next year's election, the deputy mayor said she was still as keen as ever to represent the region she loves.

"I am keen to have another go, I love council,” Cr Duff said.

"It is the government closest to the people and I love helping people.”

After 15 years as a councillor, Cr Duff said she still has the fire in her belly.

"I have the time, the energy and the experience to know what the job entails,” she said.