Not all contemporary designs are challenging.
Not all contemporary designs are challenging. runna10

Design fails too clever for their own good

Travelling has opened my eyes to the impact of too much minimalism and overly clever designs. Mostly I notice this quirk in bathrooms of hotels and Airbnbs. Naturally every bathroom is different, as is the designer tapware.

The smartest hotel also had the most frustrating shower I have ever had. Imagine facing three taps, without the slightest hint of which one was the pressure, the hot or the cold. One red dot, perhaps even a blue one as well, would have helped.

Sometimes I think designers can be too clever. This especially applies to overly sleek minimalist designs. I would be more impressed if their designs came with clues, rather than a smug, austere design.

Another city, another hotel bathroom. This time it was a seamless bathroom floor (with no drain) leading to the shower space. Yes, it looked great, but even with the shower door and bathroom door closed, the shower created a river from the bathroom to the carpeted bedroom. Naturally that's a design fail and possibly expensive in the long-term, but again, I imagine the design was sold as to create a sleek and contemporary space.

I'm not saying I don't love sleek, contemporary designs, but some practicality has to count for something, otherwise it really is style over substance - an increasingly weird, First-World phenomenon.