Cosy Corner, on Tallow Beach, Byron Bay.
Cosy Corner, on Tallow Beach, Byron Bay. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

'Devastated': Mum's heartbreak after son falls down cliff

THE mother of a boy who fell down the cliffs at Tallow Beach at Byron Bay last weekend has told the community her son is still in an induced coma in hospital.

Just after 2pm last Saturday, the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked to Cape Byron on Saturday to rescue a teenager who had fallen from a cliff face.

The chopper winched the boy from his position to the base of the cliff where he was then treated by a critical care paramedic and doctor.

He was stabilised by paramedics for a critical head injury and flown to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Kim Goodrick provided an update on her son's condition on the Byron Bay Community Board's Facebook page this morning.

"We are beyond devastated," she wrote.

"As anyone who knew him well would tell you, this is completely incomprehensible as he was such a sensible boy.

"He has sustained serious head injuries and is an induced coma in the ICU of the Gold Coast University Hospital.

"We are still unsure whether he will make it through the next few days, and if he does, what the future will bring.

"The most heartbreaking thing about all of this is that this accident was completely avoidable.

"After examining media articles and talking to police, we have found out that many people have had to be rescued from this same spot after trying to walk around the headland from Cosy Corner on Tallows Beach.

"According to media reports, this looks deceptively easy from the beach, but is in fact, extremely dangerous, and it is only when you get into trouble that you realise that there is no way back.

"As far as we are aware, there is no signage or barriers to warn people of this risk, and as everyone will tell you, our son and the boy that was with him are sensible, considered and mature.

"There was no way they would have undertaken such a risky venture if they had known about it."

Ms Goodrick said she wanted to warn all locals and visitors not to attempt the climb.

"We have contacted Tamara Smith and Byron councillors to ask that they put pressure on the National Parks Service to erect signage and/or barriers as soon as possible," she wrote.

"If anyone else is aware of, or has been involved in a similar incident at Cape Byron, could you please message me, as this will increase the weight behind our argument and hopefully stop any other family from going through the hell we have been through for the last few days."