A MOTHER who had just got back on her feet was dealt a devastating blow, which left her and her young children with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Single mum, Jessica Bliesner said she and her children had just moved back to Dalby for a fresh start after getting clean, she and her children were house-sitting while looking for a place to call home when the fire broke out.

"Melissa (Bealand) and Lee (Hill), lost a lot, all their furniture, they also had kids, and all their stuff is gone too," she said.

"It's really devastating for everyone."

"But everything we owned was in that house. Everything is gone, we literally just have the clothes on our backs."

DALBY BLAZE: Devastating Dalby house fire leaves single mum and kids with nothing. Pic: Peta McEachern
DALBY BLAZE: Devastating Dalby house fire leaves single mum and kids with nothing. Pic: Peta McEachern

Ms Bliesner said all hell broke loose early Saturday afternoon when she was sitting with her two boys watching television inside the Drury Street home they were temporarily staying in in Dalby.

"The safety switch went off, and we just went searching to see what appliance set it off… then we smelt smoke and saw it coming out the back," she said.

"The house went up in seconds, I just grabbed the kids and ran - all I could think to do was run and make sure they were safe.

"That's all I had running through my head, 'make sure the kids get out."

Ms Bliesner said she'll never forget the gut-wrenching sound of seven-year-old son's screams, "we've lost it all, we've lost it all, there's nothing left!" while they watched the home be gutted by flames.

"I will never forget that sound - it was absolutely heartbreaking, and there was nothing I could do," she said.

With her little boy Christian turning eight on Friday, October 16, Ms Bliesner said she's absolutely crushed that all of his birthday presents are all gone - along with all the Christmas presents.

"I can't believe it, it still hasn't sunk in, I just feel terrible for the kids. They shouldn't have to go through this," she said.

Ms Bliesner said all she can do now is, "overcome, adapt, rebuild… and just move on the best we can".

In times of hardship small communities rally, and Ms Bliesner said the support she had received from the Dalby community has been overwhelming.

"The Dalby South State School has been amazing, the president of the P&C contacted me this morning, she dropped off a school bag and she's gone to get shoes for Tyson, they've also brought me uniforms and they will help us with tuckshop on Monday," she said.

Those looking to support Ms Bliesner, whether through clothing or toiletry donations, can contact her via Facebook, here.