Did Newman just get the last word on Eddie's comments?


AFL Footy Show Host Sam Newman has hit out at critics of his good mate Eddie McGuire - labeling them "excrement."

Newman also launched a blistering attack on sports journalist Caroline Wilson last night and his remarks made McGuire's comments - that he would charge money to see the Fairfax writer held under water - look really quite benign.

"I wouldn't say I've got strong views," Newman opened.  

"This started out as a shore break and it's developed into a fully blown tsunami, collecting flotsam and jetsom on its way so that in the end we've got a backwater full of garbage.

"Now look do we have to sign up to say we are against domestic violence and women, violence on women, I mean would we actually have to say that?

"But I want to be fair and balanced and I want to be even handed."

Newman then went on to explain for viewers that McGuire's comments were made on Triple M Radio while Wilson is a regular on the Fairfax owned rival 3AW. 

He pointed out that on 3AW Wilson was engaged in a very similar discussion and made no complaint.

"On 3AW which is Caroline Wilson's station, now my opinion will be no less valid than anyone else's but it just depends who's judging my opinion," Newman said, 

"This is how the saga unfolded on that station.

"Dwayne Russell he said: 'We'll have to sell tickets for those who want to push you in Caro'"

"Caroline Wilson replied: 'Very funny, hysterical'"

"Tony Shaw - who is another commentator on the show: 'And hold her under  Dwayne.'"

"To which Caroline Wilson replied 'Oh boys, oh boys.'"

Newman also addressed Ms Wilson directly saying: "The jig's up Caro, honestly and truly. You're becoming an embarrassment. And even if you were underwater, you'd still be talking," 

And Newman had this to say about the innumerable mob of journalists who have weighed into the debate over the past few days: "People want a little bit of logic and a little bit of fairness."

"If you search for a cause to fit a narrative, eventually you'll convince yourself that you've stumbled onto something, as most of the cowardly excrement have.

"Those excrement who have weighed into this - I'd like to mention their names, but as nobody reads or listens to them because they're on second-tier media outlets. I won't bother. But if you spray excrement with perfume or put aftershave on a piece of excrement, at the end of the day, it's still a piece of excrement."

Newman is running for Mayor of Melbourne on an anti-political correctness ticket.