Disability support worker wins $50,000 with Cash Cow

A DISABILITY support worker from Gowrie Junction is $50,000 richer after simply picking up the phone.

Tasha Jane Grundon, 21, was the lucky winner of the Sunrise Cash Cow this morning - and her reaction was priceless.

"Daddy, I've won the Cash Cow!" Ms Grundon yelled to her dad who she said was at the other end of the house.

"I've won $50,000 on the Cash Cow."

A few technical glitches with the call made for a broken internet, but Ms Grundon told the Sunrise hosts of her future plans for the money.

Ms Grundon said while she was living at home with her parents "paying board", she had been looking to move out.

And while she wouldn't use the funds for a night out on the town in Toowoomba, Ms Grundon said she had a more sensible, but not certain, plan: "Not quite sure, put it away".