BACON OBSESSION: Find out what started our obsession with this breakfast classic.
BACON OBSESSION: Find out what started our obsession with this breakfast classic. VeselovaElena

Discover how our obsession with breakfast bacon began

AS HOME to Swickers, one of the biggest pork-processing abattoirs in Australia, it's no wonder the South Burnett is so obsessed with bacon.

As well as the pork industry being a major source of employment for our region, people simply can't get over how good our produce tastes.

But bacony goodness wasn't always a popular choice for brekkie.

While bacon and pork were a prominent part of food history thanks to salted and cured meats which were popular in England, Europe and Asia, it wasn't until a PR stunt in the US in the 1920s that the deep and abiding love for bacon took started to flourish.

According to Bon Appetit, this is when Edward L. Bernays, who was working for a bacon-focused company called Beech-Nut, concocted a scheme to jazz up American breakfasts.

The bacon industry was facing a hit due to a rise in diet fads at the time, and for pork production's sake, things needed to change.

US companies Bon Appetit and Malone Media Group state that Mr Bernays went to a physician to ask them about the importance of a hearty breakfast.

And thankfully, the doctor had a similar opinion to Adelle Davis who once said, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

In an old interview, Mr Bernays said the doctor advised him that people should have a hearty breakfast, lending itself to a rasher of bacon or two.

Since then, Malone Media Group wrote that news outlets took the topic and ran with it, printing headlines featuring variations of "Doctors recommend eating bacon for breakfast”.

From there, the bacon industry boomed and an international trend was created as people realised how loveable bacon really was.

Fast-forward to 2018, and the 8000 attendees at the inaugural Kingaroy BaconFest provided proof that our love for bacon is still going strong.