Brisbane Supreme Court/Justice
Brisbane Supreme Court/Justice

Disqualified driver gives false name on highway

A TWO year driving disqualification has been handed down to a woman who gave police a false name, while driving on a disqualified license, near Kingaroy.

The Roma Magistrate Court on Tuesday heard Demi McKellar plead guilty to contravening direction to state her full name and address, and driving on a disqualified license.

She was pulled over at Kumbia, on the Bunya Highway on September 11 of this year, as part of Kingaroy Road Policing Unit's routine checks.

The court heard when police asked her for her full name and address, she gave them a false name, calling herself Tiffany McKellar. A police search found her out.

Upon questioning, McKellar told police she was disqualified, and she had only driven because her mum was too tired.

Magistrate Blanch, who saw her in Roma and Charleville courts earlier this month, said he took in to account these offences occurred prior to her other sentences, and disqualified her from driving for a further 24 months.

"Don't drive for 24 months, and at the end of that period go back to the Department of Transport and get your license, alright," Magistrate Blanch said.