Disturbing video of new train game


A disturbing video has been released of teenagers clinging to moving trains and dashing across tracks as part of a dangerous game of chicken.

Sydney Trains has released footage of the reckless teens along with an unsettling video showing how long it actually takes for a train to stop in a bid to highlight just how risky the behaviour is.

Testing shows a Sydney train travelling at 100km/h takes three football fields to come to a complete stop.

In one of the other videos two boys are seen clinging on the back of a train at Lakemba Station and then they're spotted again doing the same thing when passing through Belmore.

The people engaging in this dangerous game are also uploading their exploits to social media

There were 110 cases of train surfing reported in the past 12 months and anyone caught in the act could be fined $5000.


Social media users were quick to call out the stupidity of engaging in such an act.

"Absolute morons," one person wrote.

"You can't put brains in idiots," another said.

One added: "May be fun for them. But it will be heartfelt for the families concerned. Wake up Australia."