DIY FAILS: Gail and Simon Gibson from Crowies Paints prepare for the Renovation information night.
DIY FAILS: Gail and Simon Gibson from Crowies Paints prepare for the Renovation information night. Matt Collins

DIY PAINTING FAILS: 'You should've seen his face'

LIKE most things in life, there is a long scale between good and bad when it comes to handymen and women.

Kingaroy business owners, Simon and Gail Gibson from Crowies Paints have seen both sides of the brush

Mr Gibson said the funniest painting fail occurred where most funny things happen - In a pub.

It happened after a professional painter had already painted the floor with a two pack top coat.

"It's called two pack because you have to mix the two parts together, part A and part B, and then it dries," Mr Gibson said.

The paint store owner said when the professional painter had finished the job it came up looking great.

"It looked a million bucks," he said.

That was until the maintenance man came in to do a pressure clean.

And that's where the trouble began.

"It was getting a bit scuffy on some of the edges," Mr Gibson said.

"So he thought he would give it another coat."

"But he didn't put the part B in.

"and it will never dry like that, so it just stayed wet."

The next day, when the first few patrons came into the pub, their first beer was a sticky one.

"The first couple of customers come in with their thongs on," Mr Gibson said.

"and they just walked straight out of their thongs because the thongs were stuck on the floor.

But it was even worse for one mature man who was faced with a 'wheely' big problem.

"Then this old bloke came in with his walker and he was stuck to the floor," he said.

"They had to physically pick him up and take him off the floor and take him out of his shoes."

In a separate, slightly shinier incident, a customer went off a little half-cocked when they phoned to complain about a tin of satin varnish they had purchased.

"They were putting it on and they rang to complain that it was gloss and they had bought satin," Mr Gibson said.

"I asked them, 'when did they use it?'

"They said, 'well I am doing it now, and it's shiny'," he said.

"I said, 'well, it's wet, you've got to wait till it dries then it will be satin'."

"So he was painting it on thinking that he should be painting on satin."

But maybe the biggest, and messiest, DIY fail the Kingaroy paint business has witnessed happened on the customer's drive home.

"This guy was travelling home with a can of paint in the car," Mr Gibson said.

The gentlemen put the tin of satin enamel on the back seat and set off on his journey home.

"He went over some speed bumps and the can hit the floor in the back seat," he said.

"So as he was driving, he looked down and there's a wave of paint."

"It coated up the whole side of the car under the seat."

"It was a brand new range rover with black interior.

"It cost thousands, you should've seen his face."