The next genealogy workshop starts at 10am on February 4.
The next genealogy workshop starts at 10am on February 4. Tobi Loftus

Do you have an interest in genealogy?

THE Kingaroy Library is helping people get back to their roots in 2019.

After observing a demand in the local community, the library joined in on the family research trend, now offering beginners classes on researching family history.

Helen Swendson, from the library, said the workshops were a pleasure to host.

"We have genealogy workshops on the first Monday of every month, and people who are researching family history come and listen. Mike England takes it, and he's very experienced in genealogy and chasing family history," she said.

"This year he's starting back at the very basics, and he's taking people through where they can find it, on the web, researching tips and accessing files."

According to Ms Swendson, the workshops have been very popular.

"We had about 20 people here on our last visit, and there's been a lot of demand for Mike to teach people from scratch."

Kingaroy residents are some of many interested in the trend, as according to the MIT Technology Review, in 2018 more than 12 million people initiated genetic genealogy testing.


"It must be very important to people if everyone is showing an interest," Ms Swendson said.

Fortunately for those wanting to expand their knowledge, the entire workshop experience is also free.

"People don't need to have a subscription to Ancestry or other websites to come and join in. The state library makes Ancestry library edition available on all of our computers," she said.

"It's pretty much the same as the regular site that people pay subscriptions to use, and because it is library edition and free for everyone.

"Everyone is welcome to come, but if they can ring the library to book beforehand, then we can make sure we have enough chairs set up to accommodate you. It's a good value and we appreciate Mike giving his time to come and help others out."

The next genealogy workshop starts at 10am on February 4.