EYEWEAR: Safety glasses are a minimum requirement for on-the-job safety equipment.
EYEWEAR: Safety glasses are a minimum requirement for on-the-job safety equipment. mbvic

Do you have the right eyewear for the job?

EYE safety is a must when it comes to working in the construction industry.

In fact, safety glasses are apart of the basic protection required for tradies to be allowed on the workplace.

However, according to Bollé Safety, many workers aren't wearing the adequate eye protection needed.

There are many ways that you can seriously damage your eyes within the workplace, from accidents to simply not using the right eye protection for the job at hand.

This is why there are specific types of eyewear created to protect your eyes for different jobs.

Bollé Safety write that safety goggles are required when people are in contact with chemicals, and people who are drilling or using a saw should have strong safety glasses on hand.

They also explain that welders are at a higher risk of severe eye damage and should always be using face shields for protection.

To get a good pair of protective eyewear might be initially expensive, but fortunately you might be eligible for some tax deductions at the end of the financial year.

The Australian Taxation Office write that deductions may be allowed for the work-related portion of the cost of both safety goggles and protective sunglasses, if you're required to work in an environment that can could be harmful.

This can include protective glasses used to combat on-the-job sunlight and glare, helping tradies across Australia feel more comfortable with investing in safety and eye-care.

If you're unsure of what different eyewear to purchase for your job, feel free to ask either your work supervisors or local optometrists who may be able to give professional suggestions.