There are opportunities for child care support to families facing financial hardship.
There are opportunities for child care support to families facing financial hardship. Contributed

Do you need more support to care for your kids?

IF YOU require child care assistance but don't fit into the generic Child Care Subsidy criteria, there are still ways you may be eligible to receive financial support.

This is where the Additional Child Care Subsidy comes into play.

According to the Department of Education and Training, the Additional Child Care Subsidy caters to four elements.

Firstly, there's child wellbeing.

This is for parents that feel they might need help to support their child's comfort and welfare.

The subsidy is paid directly to the childcare service, reducing or completely covering the costs for eligible families.

Secondly, there's the category for grandparents.

This is available for grandparents that are the principal carer of the child and are seeking financial assistance.

You are considered a principal carer if you maintain 65 per cent or more care for the child and are accountable for their welfare.

The next element caters for temporary financial hardship.

This allows a short-term payment for those with a temporary reduction in their ability to pay child care fees.

Reasons for this can include the death of a partner, loss of employment (other than resignation or retirement), loss of income due to uncontrollable circumstances such as illness or disaster, if you have had severe damage to the home or if you needed to leave your home unexpectedly.

You are also eligible if you have been financially impacted by a domestic violence incident.

The last element is for those transitioning to work.

This involves supporting individuals who are searching for work, are setting up a business, are receiving limited paid work or have unpaid work, are studying or training, and are participating in government funded programs to improve employment.

If you in need of this kind of support, make sure to contact Centrelink to discuss your eligibility and entitlements.