FIFO claims 'bullying' is ruining lives of Gladstone workers

ARIANNE Struik is arguably one of Gladstone's most unique fly-in-fly-out workers.

Ms Struik, founder of the Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children, will be in Boyne Island this month offering mental health treatments.

Her FIFO health clinics have been offered from BITS Medical Centre for almost two years as the business works to focus on mental health in the Gladstone region.

"I've seen plenty of different patients in Gladstone, from children to adults and the elderly," she said.

Gladstone is just one of two places in Queensland the Perth-based health professional visits, with the other being Brisbane.

"I've found there's more work-related injuries and issues in Gladstone compared to other areas," she said.

"I think bullying at work is very concerning ... it can have a tremendous effect on people's lives because your workplace is meant to be a safe place."

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Photo Lee Constable / Daily Mercury
Caval Ridge Mine opening- 100% FIFO mine Photo Lee Constable / Daily Mercury Lee Constable

Ms Struik offers Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a unique way to treat mental health issues including child and sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, domestic violence and bullying.

It's a psychological treatment that has been used for more than 20 years, but she is the only person to offer it in the Gladstone region.

She said it helps the brain process disturbing events.

"One moment can become 'frozen in time' and remembering the trauma may feel as bad as going through it the first time," she explained.

"Such memories have a negative effect that interferes with the way a person sees the world."

EMDR is a way to change the way the brain processes a traumatic event.

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