Dolphins spotted in the Mary River at Maryborough

IT WAS another regular day for Marion Wareing on Friday morning before husband Graham spotted several unlikely shapes in the Mary River.

"I was hanging out clothes and he was on the phone, and then he called out saying there were three dolphins in the river," she said.

The Wareings have lived at the same house for 27 years, and had never seen dolphins in the Mary River until that morning.

While Mr Wareing caught a glimpse of the aquatic mammals, they had gone before Mrs Wareing had a chance to see them for herself.

"They were going up river so I got the binoculars out," she said.

"About 10 to 15 minutes later we saw them coming back.

"We've been here for 27 years and never seen anything like it.

"It was right in front of the house. Of course I didn't have my phone, I had the binoculars."

It means she was unable to capture the unlikely image, but it is possible other people might have seen it.

The sighting became the talk of Doon Villa Bowls Club, a few doors down from where they live.

The discussion offered some theories as to why the dolphins had visited the Heritage City. After all, they are a few months early for the Mary Poppins Festival.

"Some of the guys said it could be because the water is so salty (due to lack of rain) but we don't know" she said.

Dolphins aren't the only surprise visitors the Wareings have recently had, as rabbits and pheasants have made rare appearances at the property.

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