Susan Maris from Ken Mills Toyota inspecting a vehicle for maintenance.
Susan Maris from Ken Mills Toyota inspecting a vehicle for maintenance. Elaelah Harley

Don't risk the rise of fake parts, stick with a dealership

WHERE did you maintain and service your car last?

According to Ken Mills from Ken Mills Toyota, maintaining your car with the right equipment and mechanic is very important for your safety.

"Not all new parts suit the vehicles,” he said.

"There can be some very good after market parts, but there are also some with inferior quality, as well as illegal counterfeit parts. When it comes to things like break or steering parts, it can make the vehicle unsafe.”

Mr Mills said particularly when it's for steering, stopping or starting, he would always advise using a genuine part, which is usually made by the manufacturer or their representatives.

As well as getting legitimate parts, you don't want to miss out on servicing appointments.

"People spend a lot of money on their cars, it's probably the second biggest investment they make. It needs to be properly maintained,” he said.

"There's often a thought in people's mind where they've paid a certain amount for the car, and that they shouldn't have to pay any more... But it doesn't work like that.”

Mr Mills said two things that will make a car last a long time is buying a quality build, and also general maintenance.

"This includes keeping your car clean, keeping it under cover, and also making sure to get a good service from a qualified mechanic,” he said.

"A lot of owners unfortunately aren't wise when it comes to maintenance, where they think they can skip a service, but there's a real danger in that.

"Many years ago, servicing used to be every 5000km, then it went to 10,000km, and some now are 15-20,000km.”

Mr Mills said if you miss a service, you can go up to 30-40,000km over, which is too long.

"A car is damaged beyond repair by the time it's done 40,000km without a service,” he said.

When it comes to legitimate mechanics getting the job done, Mr Mills said there are benefits to going to a dealership.

"Dealership staff are trained particularly on the brand of vehicles that the dealership sells,” he said.

"There's a lot of information that comes out almost on a daily or weekly basis, there's upgrades, updates and technical bulletins coming out all the time.

"Dealership technicians have a lot more information available at their fingertips, which can help preserve the vehicle, and in the long run it actually saves money.”