A police roadblock set up at Chillagoe with travel into Cape York restricted to
A police roadblock set up at Chillagoe with travel into Cape York restricted to "essential" matters. Picture: Supplied

Dramatic crash led to cop being busted for virus breach

A FAR North police officer fined for breaching COVID-19 regulations was a passenger in a car which crashed and rolled around 200km from the Cape York community she works in.

The Constable, who is stationed at Pormpuraaw on the western Cape coastline, was one of five people inside the four-wheel drive when the crash occurred not far from Musgrave Station Roadhouse on Good Friday.

Police have confirmed there were three adults and two children inside the vehicle.

All three adults, including the officer, were injured and required treatment in Cooktown Hospital, with at least one flown to Cairns.

All suffered non-life threatening injuries and it is understood the officer has returned to work.

A police spokesman said she was issued with a $1334 fine for non-essential travel and breaching social distancing, understood to be related to the other people in the vehicle.

"Investigations are continuing in relation to the circumstance of travel by the other parties and, as such, no further PIN'S (Personal Infringement Notices) have been issued at this time," he said.

Far North police Acting Supt Mark Lingwood said the traffic crash was being investigated, although early indications suggested it may have rolled after its tyres became caught in ruts in the road.

He said the reason for the trip was still being investigated.

It is understood it is also being looked at by the Ethical Standards Command which conducts internal police investigations.

Acting Supt Lingwood said all police were well aware of current COVID-19 restrictions.

"We know what we can and can't do and we have a high expectation of police in the community," he said.

Access to Cape York is currently restricted as indigenous communities are considered vulnerable during the virus crisis, and there are six roadblocks currently in operation.

Acting Supt Lingwood said there had now been 54 infringement notices handed out around the Far North linked to virus breaches.