Dreamworld: 'She died in his arms as their daughter looked'

THE grandmother of one of the children who survived the Dreamworld tragedy has spoken to the media saying she believes her grand-daughter survived to carry on her mother's memory. 

Gillian Turner, the mother-in-law of 32-year-old Canberra woman Kate Goodchild has told how her son got to his partner but was unable to save her. 

"I'd like to believe that my 12-year-old granddaughter was saved so she could tell her little sister what a wonderful mum Kate was," Ms Turner said. 

Ms Turner's granddaughter survived the tragedy but her son's wife, 32-year-old Canberra woman Kate Goodchild died. 

"My son and Kate were childhood sweethearts and they will be missed incredibly".

The news comes after Dreamworld announced it would reopen tomorrow with proceeds to go to the Australian Red Cross. 

The CEO of the company which owns Dreamworld, Deborah Thomas earlier came under fire after a shocking gaffe at the company's general meeting. 

"We've reached out to the families and we've finally made contact with the Dorsett family and we are talking with them today," the former Woman's Weekly Editor said. 

"We're doing this through the police liaison officer and we have offered and will give them every assistance that we can and what they require during this difficult time.

"I hope I get a chance to talk to them… I will give them my sympathies and condolences and the children."

Ms Thomas was then told the Dorsett family were actually watching the press conference and were furious at nay suggestion they had been offered support. 

Ardent's share price has failed to rally today after falling from $2.67 to a price today of $2.18 in the wake of the tragedy. 

The company finalised the sale of 70 gyms it owned in the lead up to the tragedy.

The revenue from that sale which amounted to more than $200 million in cash and should have seen the company's fortunes rise significantly.

Ardent's share price is yet to recover the ground it lost in the wake of the Dreamworld tragedy
Ardent's share price is yet to recover the ground it lost in the wake of the Dreamworld tragedy