Haylan Redlich was fined $500 for drink driving and driving without due care. Photo/File
Haylan Redlich was fined $500 for drink driving and driving without due care. Photo/File

Drink driver falls asleep at the wheel, smashes into tree

A COUPLE of beers at the pub left a Nanango man wedged against a tree after he woke up veering off the side of the D’Aguilar Highway in Nanango.

Haylan Redlich pleaded guilty to one count of driving without due care and one count of driving while over the general alcohol limit at Nanango Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Lisa Manns told the court police attended a single-vehicle crash on the D’Aguilar Highway on September 11 at around 1am.

“Police arrived on scene at approximately 1.30am, the defendant identified himself to police as the driver, he was uninjured,” Prosecutor Manns said.

“Police observed a BMW sedan off the road wedged into a tree, the defendant was the sole occupant of the vehicle he stated he fell asleep at the wheel.

“He explained he had been driving from Kingaroy to Benarkin North when he arrived in Nanango. He felt tired but decided to continue on, he woke up as he went off the road and crashed.

“He provided a further specimen of breath showing he had a reading of 0.082.”

Redlich represented himself saying he had a couple of beers at the pub before taking off.

“I had a couple beers at the pub, was staying at a friends house, I got there that night, they had gone to sleep, the door was locked, I had nowhere to go,” Redlich said.

“I was in-between houses at that stage I was pretty well living on the street.

“I was driving to a place to go to sleep, fell asleep on the way. That is the first time I've ever done it, it’s not a common thing for me, it won’t happen again.

“The car is a write off, I haven't driven since, had to move to Brisbane, lost my job, cost me $250 to get here, I had to catch a bus up here and stay at the pub overnight.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said he took Redlich’s circumstances into account.

“People like yourself are good ambassadors when you tell other people you run into at the pub the consequences of just having a couple of beers,” Magistrate Sinclair said.

“I take those financial penalties you've had into account in reducing the fine.”

For the driving without due care and attention Redlich was fined $250.

For driving over the general alcohol limit he was fined $250 and disqualified from driving or obtaining a drivers licence for three months.

No convictions were recorded.