An Ipswich teenager was caught drink driving while unlicensed after a car crash,
An Ipswich teenager was caught drink driving while unlicensed after a car crash,

Drink driver was ‘most sober’ of mates before crash

A TEENAGER admitted to drink driving after being the most sober of his mates following a night out in the city.

An Ipswich court heard the trip home didn't go according to plan, with the Mazda 3 losing traction on the wet road and crashing.

Appearing before Ipswich Magistrates Court via video link from jail, Ben Abio, 19, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to driving unlicensed when SPER suspended; drink driving when unlicensed; and two counts of shoplifting.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said Abio walked into the Liquorland at Redbank Plains and took a 700ml bottle of Canadian Club Whisky valued at $44 which he concealed under his jumper before leaving.

Two weeks later Abio walked into Dan Murphy's at Redbank Plains and concealed a $58.99 bottle of Canadian Club under his jumper and left.

Sgt Dick said Abio was interviewed by police in late June and admitted to stealing the alcohol, saying he had been drinking and wanted more alcohol but did not have the money to pay.

Sgt Dick said police went to a single vehicle accident involving a black Mazda 3 at 9.35pm on June 20.

Abio was located soon after, and it was found his licence had been suspended.

He also returned an alcohol reading of .088.

Defence lawyer Yassar Khan said Abio previously held a learner licence and the Mazda was not his.

He said Abio was out in the city with friends and because he drank the least alcohol "three beers and shot of whisky" he was the most sober and fit the drive.

"He instructs that it was a wet road and the wheels spun and he crashed when raining," Mr Khan said.

"He was not located at the scene. There was CCTV footage and he approached police and made full admissions."

Magistrate David Shepherd convicted and fined Abio $400 for stealing the bottles of whisky, and ordered that he pay restitution.

Abio was fined $600 for the driving offences. He was disqualified from driving for four months.