The Ferrari showroom in Brisbane
The Ferrari showroom in Brisbane Iain Curry

Drive a Ferrari? We have some bad news for you

IF YOU are one of the lucky few in Australia who are wowing pedestrians in your impossibly impressive Ferrari, we have some bad news.

You need to make a phone call.

A selection of Ferrari supercars, including the 458 Italia, 458 Spider, 458 Speciale, California T, Ferrari FF, F12 Berlinetta and the LaFerrari, each feature a potentially dangerous safety issue that requires repair.

It's a call that might frustrate owners who have, in some cases, shelled out more than $500,000 for one of these Italian masterpieces.

The ACCC is recalling the cars because of a problem with the driver's side airbag, which "may deploy abnormally".

According to the consumer watchdog: "If the airbag does not deploy correctly, there is an increased risk of injury to the driver during a collision".

Owners are asked to contact their local Ferrari dealer so the airbags can be replaced.

It is another bad headline for worldwide automotive airbag makers Takata, which is attempting to deal with a global recall on its parts after a variety of safety concerns were raised.