Toowoomba driver caught twice with meth in his system

A TOOWOOMBA man caught on separate occasions driving with illicit drugs in his system has been taken off the road.

Ry Dylan Gleeson twice tested positive to methylamphetamine while driving in Toowoomba, the city's Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

He had been pulled over by a police patrol on Mill St about 6.45pm, July 1, and again about 9.20pm, September 9 on James St, police prosecutor Sergeant Tim Hutton told the court.

Initially he denied taking any drugs but said he had been around some people who had but Sgt Hutton said drugs were not transferable in that way.

Gleeson, 27, pleaded guilty to two counts of driving while a relevant drug is present in saliva or blood.

His solicitor Chris Lumme told the court his client instructed that he had smoked the drug about a week prior to driving on both occasions.

His client had been drug tested twice since as part of his employment and on both occasions he had been cleared of any drugs, he said.

Taking into account he had been off road for three months already, Magistrate Damian Carroll fined Gleeson $800 and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for four months.