DRINK, DRUG DRIVERS: Repeat offender scolded in court

A DRIVER has been warned that the court may have no alternative but to jail him if he continues to offend by driving when court disqualified, and when drugs are in his system.

The offending driver, Errol Charles Graham, 53, from North Ipswich, pleaded guilty in Ipswich magistrates Court to driving when drug positive (methamphetamine) in Brassall on November 26 last year; and driving when disqualified by court order. Prosecutor Senior Const Dave Shelton said it was 10.30am when Karana Downs police officers intercepted Graham driving outside a 7-Eleven store. A saliva test was positive to methamphetamine. At the time of his offence his licence had been disqualified by court order from May 23, 2019. Defence barrister Scott Neaves said Graham instructs that he used to be a house remover until acquiring a brain injury 10 years ago. And at the time of the offences was quite stressed because his sister was ill and so he "dabbled" in the drug. "You run a risk Mr Graham if you continue to drive you may end up in jail," magistrate David Shepherd warned. "When a court says no then you can't drive. If you continue to ignore the rules the court may be left with no alternative." Graham was fined $1000 and licence disqualified another 2 years.

Guy Gordon Williams, 44, from Lower Mount Walker, fined $600 and licence disqualified 1 month when he pleaded guilty to drug driving in Chuwar on Boxing Day - December 26 last year.

Cindy Lee Wilson, 31, from Gatton, pleaded guilty to two drug driving charges when on an L/P licence. One offence was at Ipswich on December 15, 2019. Fined $1200 and disqualified 6 months.

Breeanna Jai Crowe, 36, from Lutwyche, disqualified 6 months and sentenced to 3 months jail when she pleaded guilty to drug driving while on an L/P licence in North Ipswich on July 10, 2019.

Michelle Debra O'Donoghue, 54, from Marburg, fined $350 and disqualified 1 month when she pleaded guilty to drink driving (. 075) in Marburg on February 8. Prosecutor Senior Const. Dave Shelton said police followed her car just after midnight then breath tested her in a driveway. Defence lawyer Andrew Wiseman said a recent medical procedure had changed the tolerance of her system to alcohol, saying that on the night she drank several glasses of wine to celebrate a health matter. No conviction recorded.

Zane Ashley Thorne, 34, from East Ipswich, pleaded guilty to driving when drug positive to methamphetamine at Bundamba on December 19, 2019. Disqualified 3 months and fined $350.

Keith Speyers, 26, from Chuwar, pleaded guilty to drink driving (0.051) at 10.40pm in Brisbane St Ipswich on January 18. Magistrate Donna MacCallum noted that the alcohol reading had been right on the limit and an obvious miscalculation. Fined $200 and disqualified 1 month.

Zackery Keith Flecknoe-Smith, 30, from Windaroo, pleaded guilty to drug positive driving (methamphetamine and cannabis) on the Cunningham Highway at Goondiwindi on November 22 last year. Disqualified 2 months and fined $300.

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